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Welcome to Cash Loans UK

Cash Loans are getting very popular because of the way they work, the flexibility of these small short term loans also known as payday loans which allows you to get money deposited into your bank account almost instantly for when you need it most. This could be to pay for urgent car repairs, emergency home repairs or to pay for any other unexpected bills. You can use the loan for whatever your needs to cover you until you next get paid. You can however extend the loan for a longer period if you need to. Let's face it, we don't always want to borrow money off family or might not have this as an option, so a Cash Loan can provide a good alternative to the standard methods of borrowing money.

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There are many benefits for applying for cash loans online. The quick and easy application makes borrowing money less stressful than most usual loan applications. We take out this process as the application is 100% online. You can have the money transfered into your bank account within minutes, it quite often works out cheaper that going overdrawn which can end up costing you more in fees and interest. Some people also use these types of Same Day Loans to help rebuild their credit score, because they are easier to obtain. So even if you have bad credit score you can still apply for a cash loan today.

Loan Requirements

When you apply for cash loans online there are a few basic things you need before you can get approved for a Cash Loan. You can get money in your account the same day ranging from £100 - £1000 and are usually taken out for a period of 31 days or less. The process is easy, you just need to be a minimum of 18 years of age, be a UK resident and have a UK bank account. To apply, simply complete the short application form on our site and once approved you will have the money in your account usually within an hour.

Interest Rates

One of the misconceptions of Cash Loans or Payday Loans as they are also known is the high interest rates associated with these loans. The interest may seem high but it is represented over an annual period (APR) and when you take out the short term loan the actual amount you pay back is not as much as you might think. An example is if you borrow £180 over a 28 day period, the interest payable is £45 with a total of £225. So rather than basing your decision solely on the APR consider the fact if you need the money and if you are comfortable paying back the loan amount.

Quick Cash Loans

Quick Cash Loans are exactly that, you need the money quickly and these loans provide you with the money almost instantly. Here at Cash Loans UK we connect you up with over 25 leading lenders in 1 simple online application saving you time, increasing your approval chances by 25 fold and making us the number 1 site when looking for a Cash Loan. We improve application approval rates.

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